DNAOS Components

DNAOS Engines, Components, Services
This section briefly presents some of the main DNAOS Engines, components, and services.

Access Interfaces
DNAOS engines, components, and services are available through various interfaces including SOA, ROA, RMI, JMS, HTTP, JSR-168 Portal (see GUI), as well as direct and batch XML-based invocations.

Portal Management
DNAOS provide XML/XSL-based JSR-168 compliant Portal management services with single-sign-on and Portlet support.

JSR-168 Portlets
DNAOS integrate portal management services, JSR-168 portlets, and Pluto, the JSR-168 portlet container reference implementation, to workflow, layout, and publishing services.

DNAOS interactive user interfaces (ex: HTTP, HTTP-Portal, SOA) are managed by the DNAOSworkflow management services.

XML Streaming Engines (XSE) manage DNAOS streaming XML parallel processing pipelines.

DNAOS entitlement security is a major component, built-in from the inception, that supports authentication, authorization, entitlement, and encryption.

DNAOS Service Platform

DNAOS Engines

Entitlement provides distributed data security to ensure that users only get access to what they are entitled to. DNAOS are built on entitlement secure distributed application resource and content management services, as well as powerful publishing services.

DNAOS Web and print Publishing services supports Separation of Concerns.

Separation of Concerns
Separation of concerns provides optimized environments for each publishing function, including: authoring, designing, page layout, look&feel, serialization.

DNAOS layout management services are powerful query and merge content management tools, and XPath extensions.

Report Generator
DNAOS XML and SQL report generation services integrate the JasperReports report manager with resource management, as well as layout, and publishing services to provide extensive report design and generation tools and services, as well as to create meaningful reports from profiles and resources. The reports are managed as DNAOS resources and are available for differed retrieval or email forwarding.

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