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DNAOS REMM Client Applications

Modeling Profiles

DNAOS SOA clients provide interactive graphical modeling and administration tools.

DNAOS REMM screen shots

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REMM Clients
DNAOS REMM (Resource & Entitlement Modeling and Management) SOA client applications provide rich graphical interfaces to model and manage distributed business, entitlement, resources, and virtual profiles.

DNAOS Access
DNAOS REMM clients provide powerful interfaces to DNAOS services, also providing access to the built-in XML and SQL report generator, as well as defining, creating, editing, assigning, referencing, invoking, persisting application resources and profiles. Other DNAOS services (ex: publishing, invoicing, subscriptions, metering) are also available to REMM Clients.

Two-Way View
DNAOS REMM SOA Client Applications provide at least 2 synchronized views (ie. Text and Graphic) on resources, security, organization structures, business processes, profiles, and resources.

DNAOS REMM SOA Client Applications support business and application architecture management.

Business Intelligence
One of the key feature of DNAOS REMM SOA clients, is the business intelligence and business process support that it can provide, because it can understand the resources and their relationships, from their meta-data.

Business Process Support
Creating a new invoice for a new client may seem simple but it can involve many subprocesses, based on varying conditions.

Simple Example
For example, various entities need to be created, defined, and related, including: the client account, his references, a project, a contract, an invoice, a work description, a user account for web access, etc, apart from other business resources like a period, a representative, a schedule, etc.

Adaptive BI
DNAOS understand this and the DNAOS REMM SOA clients use the metadata to guide users through the different required processes, while adapting to each user's work-flow preferences.

DNAOS Service Platform

Modeling Profiles

Modeling Reports

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