DNAOS Service Platform

Entitlement Secure Virtual Profiles and Application Resources
DNAOS Service Platform supports distributed virtual application resources, profiles, and contents, protecting them with unlimited granularity entitlement. This unique feature is a profound innovation in distributed application design and operation, with application resource entitlement and security control at the center and base of the environments and applications, yet freeing them from dependencies.

Secure Virtual Profiles, Resources, Contents

SOA Service Platform
SOA-based DNAOS Service Platforms provide integrated services for secure virtualized distributed application resources, virtual profiles, new media, content management, and collaboration portal applications.

Security Configuration Independent Application Logic
By virtualizing application resources, the DNAOS Service Platform allows application logic to evolve independent of security configurations, allowing both application logic and security configuration to change and adapt independently, saving fortunes in application maintenance, providing flexible security, and allowing security verification to be off-loaded from expensive business application servers.

Open SOA and JSR-168 Portal Management
XML, XSL, and XHTML based, the DNAOS Service Platform integrates a platform independent, JSR-168 compliant portal manager services with JSR-168 portlets and workflow management, along with BPEL compatible Web services in an open SOA environment.

Platform Independent
Bridging .NET and J2EE applications, the DNAOS Service Platform is standards-based and designed to operate on most distributed application platforms. The DNAOS Service Platform is available for most open source as well as proprietary SOA, J2EE, .NET, JMS, JINI, ESB environments.

Content management and publishing
The DNAOS Service Platform provides tools and services to create, model, manage, track, query, report, and publish interactive, new media, and print documents, contents, profiles, and resources, with support for separation of concerns.

Parallel Processing XML Streaming Engine
Built with parallel processing XML streaming engine services, the DNAOS high performance Service Platform offers a rich development and operation environment for distributed applications and portals.

Integrated Portal Management and Accounting Services
DNAOS Service Platform provide extended Web-based portal management services including revenue accounting, invoicing, with time, materials and services, metering, as well as registration, membership, subscription, and schedule management.

Integrated Portal Workflow Services
DNAOS Service Platform portal workflow services provide workflow control, monitoring, statistics, automation, validation, wizards, metering, and single sign-on, as well as support authentication, authorization, and encryption. JavaSpaces and object share are also supported for collaborative work.

Integrated Notification Services
Combining its support for complex multi-organization and resource structures, membership, subscriptions, and collaboration, advanced layout and publishing, built-in XML and SQL reporting, email services, as well as its XML Streaming Engine, DNAOS Service Platform provide rich notification services including support for alarms, differed reports, newsletters, marketing, follow-up, and CRM services.

Integrated GUI Design Tools and Services
With support for common GUI technologies including HTTP/HTML, JSP, JSF, ASP, XForms, Flash, rich SOA clients, wizards, new media, integrated web-based smart GUI components, and with its layout and publishing services, DNAOS Service Platform provide powerful and flexible user interface tools and environment.

More Integrated Services
DNAOS Service Platform provide more integrated services and many new ones are easily derived by combining basic ones. With an open development platform, advanced distributed applications now have a home: the DNAOS Service Platform.

JSR-168 SOA Portal, Resource & Process Modeling, Publishing

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