Strategy Plan Standard
Organizations need to plan, define, monitor, and evaluate operation and performance strategies. StratML now allows them to do it in a structured, standard, sharable way. DNAOS technology supports, manages, and publishes StratML documents. In addition, a StratML browser stylesheet is provided to allow Web browsers to easily display StratML documents with a dynamic table of content.

StratML Browser Display Stylesheet
The StratML document broeser display stylesheet supports both StratML Part1 and Part2 specifications.

Supporting Web browser display, the easiest way to use the stylesheet, is to refer to it from the first two lines of all StratML documents, are as follows:


More information is available from StratML at DNAOS.com", where all questions, comments, and suggestions should also be sent forwarded.

A copy of this XSLT-1 stylesheet is maintained and available along with corresponding StratML Part1 and Part2 Schema, through the following links:

StratML document management is integrated into DNAOS technology, including support for

  • XSLTForm and SOA-Admin rich client input, data-entry, visual modeling, and reporting
  • Separation-of-concern smart layout publishing, with navigable site generation
  • Unlimited granularity entitlement-based access control and tracking

More information on that version, as well as the associated DNAOS technologies and services are available at StratML at DNAOS.com.