DNAOS Context

This section looks at influential market, business, and technology Forces and environment, and context that defined initial DNAOS requirements and features.

Context Issues
After introducing some shaping forces this section looks at some of the issues, starting with Sharing which brings many issues, with ramifications into most other yet unresolved issues. So much so, that it is possibly the single most important yet unresolved distributed computing issue:

DNAOS Service Platform

Context Extension
The DNAOS context references many other issues that may not be reviewed specifically in this section, including new media, user interfaces, Internet security & reliability (see Forces).

The Consequences page lists some of the major consequences of missing some of the forces and issues involved.

The Solutions page lists some of the major strategies and solution paths required to harness the forces, control the issues, and replace consequences with success and efficiency.

See also
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DNAOS Context Summary

DNAOS Market, Business, & Technology Context

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