DNAOS/Applications/Virtual Profiles


Support for Virtual Profiles
DNAOS support virtual profiles and virtual profile applications with:

  • secured and managed distributed resources
  • streaming XML events and content pipeline processing
  • generalized persistence interfaces
  • generalized web and print publishing interfaces

Support for Virtual Profiles
DNAOS support definition, management, modeling, security, and sharing of distributed Virtual Profiles

Virtual-profile application portals
Virtual Profiles are key to IT integration. Typical examples include private profile management, like in legal and medical profile applications to access and process personal information which often already reside in different and varied secure locations and formats (ex: hospitals, clinics, doctor offices, legal system layers).

Distributed Information Integration
When required, the distributed resource information is retrieved from the associated sources and dynamically integrated into secure virtual profiles where only properly entitled information can be accessed only by adequately entitled users, for a given context or operation.

Flexible Entitlement Security
DNAOS provide unlimited granularity and structure to data resource security assignment, while freeing application/business logic from dependency on security configuration.

DNAOS are built to secure, manage, integrate, transform, process, model, report, publish, share, and exchange distributed network virtual profiles, resources, and data. Distributed information security, integration, and transformation are fundamental virtual profile solutions provided by DNAOS

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